The Osteopaths

Cambridgeshire osteopaths Eliot Russell and Stephanie Pittam are passionate about the benefits of osteopathy for all, and offer a professional service in their local area. Having years of clinical experience between them, and an extensive network of paraprofessionals to refer to, Eliot and Steph are able to help with a huge variety of complaints.

Both Eliot and Stephanie trained at the European School of Osteopathy, one of the world’s leading osteopathic education centres.

"We believe osteopathy has an important contribution to make to people's health in many ways, from structural adjustment, treatment and advice to professional reassurance. Despite the common public perception that osteopaths only treat back and neck problems our training took us way beyond that! Our courses in anatomy, physiology and pathology were similar to those at orthodox medical schools, allowing us to make conventional clinical diagnoses, but we were trained specifically in order to give manual treatments."

Eliot Russell M.Ost, D.O

Growing up in Cambridgeshire, Eliot’s aim has always been to have his own practice in his local area. From receiving NHS referrals, Eliot has developed an interest in the treatment of arthritis and age-related conditions, as well as specialising in the treatment and prevention of back pain.

"Osteopathy takes into consideration the various components of people’s lifestyle and allows me to build an overall picture of the stresses and strains imposed on their bodies. This allows me to treat them accordingly."

Eliot is a keen sportsman with an interest in football and squash, which he plays every week. He also loves golf and is always trying to lower his handicap! Because of this, he can appreciate the nature of sports injuries and understands the desire felt by many patients to return to playing as soon as possible.

"Pain usually presents itself after a build up of different circumstances such as poor posture, heavy gardening or trying a new golf swing. By identifying these compiling factors and treating the body, Osteopathy can be very effective in reducing pain and discomfort."

Stephanie Pittam M.Ost, D.O, PGCertHE.

Stephanie is a dual qualified human and animal osteopath and is kept very busy treating a wide variety of patients from newborn babies to competition horses. She also lectures MSc students on the Equine Studies course at the European School of Osteopathy.

Her particular interests include the treatment of headaches, neck pain, traumatic injuries and chronic conditions. She also specialises in treating babies, children, and women during and after pregnancy. If you are unsure if osteopathy can help, Stephanie would be delighted to talk to you. Stephanie always aims to work with the whole body to improve function and mobility throughout.

"The logical, holistic philosophy of osteopathy takes into account the entire person and does not just focus on symptoms. This gives me an in-depth understanding of the particular complaint, and the person as a whole, and so I can tailor a treatment plan to individual needs."

In addition to human osteopathy, Stephanie specialises in treating animals, and her skills are much in demand to treat both horses and dogs. See for more information on Animal Osteopathy.